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Be a peacemaker!‎ Matthew 5:9

January 5, 2009

All Christians are to be peacemakers!‎

Today’s world and its leaders clamor for world peace. But Jesus told us: “Do not think ‎that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” Matthew ‎‎10:34  The result of the gospel is conflict among people on the earth.‎

The ultimate peace is only found in the presence of God. Jesus said in John 16:33 “that in Me ‎you may have peace.”‎

To the Pharisees in that 1st Century external appearances were most important. Peace ‎with God had to be seen by one obeying strict laws. So too is the clamor for peace in ‎today’s world. Only an outward peace is sought that can be seen by man.‎

But to be peacemakers means much more than just making treaties with other nations, or ‎just settling an argument between two friends. True peace is found only when one’s spirit ‎is in harmony with the Holy Spirit of God. This is a peace that passes all human ‎understanding and that guards an individual’s heart and mind concerning the trials of this ‎life. (Phil. 4:6-7)‎

The peace of God is an inner peace in spite of external conflicts. Only one with such inner ‎peace can truly be a peacemaker. To be a peacemaker one must be sharing the gospel of ‎Jesus without fear.‎

What is God’s blessing to peacemakers? They shall be called sons of God.‎
Yes, we know that we are children of God, but are we being “called sons and daughters of ‎God”? Is there evidence to others that we are indeed the family of God? We give such ‎evidence when we are peacemakers and are sharing Jesus without fear!‎

Pat Hutchens

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