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Get rid of the baggage and take out the garbage…

January 8, 2009

We often hear and use the term “baggage”.  We mean that there are negative things that we carry with us because of our past–thoughts, actions, behavior patterns, memories etc. What “baggage” do you carry? Every time I take a mission trip I think about my luggage and how I’m going to pack the materials, tracts, coins, etc. that I need for the trip. With the weight limits I am careful to take only what I really need. Life is too short to carry around excess luggage.

Or we often say “That’s a lot of garbage!” Meaning we don’t agree with it or we don’t want to deal with it. We need to remember that our mind collects garbage very easily. Why is it easier to remember bad experiences and so hard to memorize Scripture which is a very good thing?

There is no sense in carrying a lot of garbage or baggage around. We need to replace all the negative thoughts with God’s WORD. We need to get rid of the baggage and take out the garbage.

By the way, we have to pay for garbage pick up. Scripture memory is free. It only costs  a little time. Think about all the time you spend watching TV, playing video games, or computer-time wasting- solitaire or other mindless games. They relax you? They take away stress? They help you disconnect? Oh, I see, What about God’s WORD??


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  1. Dana permalink
    January 12, 2009 1:02 pm

    I LOVE it!

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