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Our Own Pilgrim’s Progress-by Pat Hutchens

March 18, 2009

Each of us is being conformed to the image of Jesus.‎ As this progression towards the glory of Jesus is proceeding, we can see, ‎having unveiled faces, in one another the glory of Jesus.‎ Though now we see imperfect images of Jesus, we do see Him working in us, ‎for Christ Jesus in each of us is our hope of glory.‎‎ Rom.8:29-2 Cor.3:18-Phil.2:13-Col.1:27‎

Perhaps no other message from Jesus is greater in instructing and ‎motivating us for our ongoing progression to His glory than is His Sermon ‎on the Mount.‎ Let us take a quick look at the personal application of the beatitudes.‎ What must be our life-style for receiving the blessings of God?‎ When we are “poor in spirit”, when we “mourn” over sin, when we are the ‎‎“meek’ of this world, when we are those who “hunger and thirst for ‎righteousness”, when we are “merciful” to others, when we are “pure in ‎heart” in our relationships, when we are “peacemakers” pouring out God’s ‎love to others, and when we are “reviled and persecuted for the ‎righteousness of Jesus” you and I are truly being blessed by our Lord God.‎

Eight Christ-like attitudes and eight promises of God’s blessings:

Being blessed by God “ours is the kingdom of heaven”.‎

Being blessed by God we are continually “comforted” in all of our ‎difficulties on this earth.‎

Being blessed by God “we are going to inherit the New Earth”. ‎

Being blessed by God we “will be filled with righteousness”.‎

Being blessed by God we “shall obtain mercy” in spite of our many failings.‎

Being blessed by God we “shall see God” when Jesus appears for us.‎

Being blessed by God we “are called children of God”.‎

Being blessed by God “great will our reward be in heaven.”‎

In our progression towards God’s glory both our flesh and spirit are in ‎accord with the nature of Jesus.‎ Our responsibility is to keep our spirit in agreement with God’s Spirit.‎ Being on this journey other people are beginning to see Jesus in our life ‎more and more.‎

More later… Pat Hutchens

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