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Respect – Character Does Count‎

April 1, 2009

Character is who you are from the inside. It helps you make right choices and know right from wrong.

Respect is a very important part of having good character. A respectful person is a good listener, has good manners and puts others first. If you respect others they will most likely have a good opinion of you as well.

When you respect yourself it makes you feel good about yourself and encourages you to make smart choices in life. Your character can change, so you need to surround yourself with good friends and only allow respectful movies and music in your mind.

Having respect for yourself and others makes life more enjoyable and more rewarding. It teaches you to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and at the same time lets others be different than you. The character of respect keeps the world going around with smiles!

By Ellary

8 years old in the third grade

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