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Ask the Pastor

April 6, 2009

Ask the Pastor—April 26th Sunday 7pm

Do you have a theological, biblical, religious question that you would like to ask or have always wanted to ask? There are several ways to submit your questions:

1) Simply leave a comment on this post (see below)

2) Email your questions to

3) Leave a question at the welcome center. There will be a basket and cards for you to fill out before or after services for the next several weeks.

4) Text your question to us the night of the event (a number will be provided that morning)

Your name will remain anonymous and your pastor will answer the questions “live” on April 26th during our evening worship service. We will not be able to answer all the questions submitted by email, text or written because of time constraints so make your questions compelling.

We will save the unanswered questions for a “next time” or we will answer the questions on the blog. The way we will judge the success of this type of event is your response and reaction. If there is positive feedback we will do it again.


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  1. jerry permalink
    April 9, 2009 8:20 pm

    This question came up in SAM today. My son was born 12-31-1958 & died the next day will he be in heaven and will he always be one day old.

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