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Little Things Make a Big Difference

April 18, 2009

God continually reminds me of the truth that “Little Things Make a Big Difference”. One unkind word, a harsh look, a little more on the credit card, a small tidbit of gossip, one little glance at a porn website…

This morning I read Spurgeon’s devotional and his message reminded me of the series I did on “little things”. Spurgeon said that Rahab’s “scarlet line in the window was a trivial act in itself, but she dared not run the risk of omitting it”. He goes on to say that some of God’s commands to us seem non essential; they are “little things”. But we know that they make a big difference! Rahab lived because she tied a red cord in her window. A little thing???

A cup of cold water in His name; a gospel tract, coin, a memorized text can make a huge difference. Pull a plug wire off your car, unhook the battery cable, and see if that makes any difference.

As we look for God to do “great and mighty things” let’s not quit doing the little things…


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