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Ask the Pastor- New Question

May 9, 2009

Why do Catholics use the  Apocrypha and we don’t?

The Apocrypha is included in the Latin Vulgate (the standard authoritative Bible of the Roman Catholic Church). The Catholic church views the Apocrypha as Scripture.  The Episcopal Church also reads from the Apocrypha during some services.

Because of the origin, authorship and questionable authenticity, the books of the Apocrypha were not included in the canon (books considered as authoritative Scripture). There are many “Apocryphal” books, biblical and non-biblical, OT and NT that are rejected by the Catholic church too. Roman Catholics and Protestants generally agree on the canon of the New Testament (the 27 books that we accept as Scripture).

How should we view the Apocrypha and it’s Purpose?

We should not view the Apocrypha as Scripture like we would the 66 books of the Bible. There is nothing wrong with reading the Apocrypha, but it should not be the spiritual source of your walk with Jesus Christ.

It would be good to read portions of the Apocrypha in order to become familiar with it. It would be helpful in dialogue with people who accept it as Scripture.  Many skeptics site apocryphal works to argue that the Bible is missing important information.

Look up the Apocrypha on Google and study some more. There are pages of information; more than this POST can address.


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  1. Laura permalink
    June 27, 2009 2:47 pm

    I am concerned that I may have committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Twice when I was younger and unhappy, I looked up at Heaven and put up my middle finger and said F— you to the Holy Spirit and cursed him. I have since repented of this and asked for forgiveness. Is this the type of speaking against the holy ghost that Jesus said was unforgiveable? Please reply soon, I am very concerned about this! Thank you

  2. Laura permalink
    June 27, 2009 2:47 pm

    Please reply soon

    • eastwoodtulsa permalink*
      June 27, 2009 7:32 pm


      Thank you for your question!. In the NT this sin was committed when a person attributed an obvious work of Jesus Christ to the Devil. The Pharisees saw Jesus’ miracles and said that He was empowered by the Devil. Mark 3:20-30. This was the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

      What you did when you were younger is not the same. If you had really blasphemed the Holy Spirit you would have no desire to repent or ask for forgiveness.

      A person who blasphemes the Holy Spirit passes the point of no return and loses desire for God, they don’t want to repent or ask for forgiveness. I have only met two people that I believe have committed the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. When I tried to talk to them about God they wanted nothing to do with Him.

      The question you should ask yourself is, “Am I a true believer in Jesus Christ?” Jesus died for all sins, including what you did. His blood cleanses us from all sin. He will forgive you and come into your life and never leave you.

      It could be that the Devil is trying to keep you from Jesus by casting doubt on whether He will forgive you for what you have done. God will forgive you and cleanse you from ALL unrighteousness!

      I hope this helps. I will pray that God will give you His peace!


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