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Our Need for a Fresh Touch from God

February 16, 2010

If you read the accounts of the revivals of the past it almost sounds unreal or impossible. It isn’t though, it is historical. Look at the following quote:

The brethren and sisters that were on their knees, began to groan, and sigh, and weep, and agonize in prayer. The deacon continued to struggle until he was exhausted; and when he ceased my brother saith that there was nobody in the room that could get off their knees. They could only weep and confess, and all melt down before the Lord. From this meeting the work of the Lord spread forth en very direction all over the town. The Memoirs of Charles Finney, Zondervan, 1989.

J. Edwin Orr, a revival historian says that there are three universal characteristics of genuine revivals:

1) “an extraordinary burden of prayer”

2) “an unusual conviction of sin”

3) “an uncanny sense of the presence of God”

I am praying that I/We experience those three things in our lives and God’s church.


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