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March 11, 2010

Christians are suffering for their faith all over the world. The following is a quote I keep handy to remind me that our faith may be tested too. I am amazed at the testimonies.

He was put in irons and was kept in solitary confinement for fifteen weeks in an unheated cell ‘full of rats and mice, and open to snow and rain’. His hair fell out, his skin peeled off. He was tied to a stake and received thirty-six stripes with a heavy cod upon his naked back; he was placed in the pillory for two hours in November’s frost and snow; he was branded in the face, had his nose slit and his ears cut off, and was condemned to life imprisonment.”

The above was done to Alexander Leighton in 1628 because he wrote a book that spoke against the practices of the established church. What will we suffer because of our stand for Jesus Christ?

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