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Nahuatl on the Beach

July 14, 2010

Our recent trip to Colima, Mexico brought us into contact with Nahuatl-speaking (Aztec) Indians in Manzanillo, Mexico. Manzanillo is located on the Pacific ocean a little over an hour drive from Colima. There are several dialects of Nahuatl. The picture shows a man we met who speaks the “Guerrero” dialect. Guerrero is the state in Mexico where Acapulco is located.

The device that the man is holding is called a “Proclaimer”. It is produced by Faith Comes by Hearing ministries The Proclaimer contains the entire NT in Nahuatl/Guerrero. It is like the Bible on CD only in player form. The player can be charged by solar power, a hand crank, or AC adapter.

Last year I brought a copy of John 3 in Nahuatl. No one could read it. Some of the words are over 20 letters long! See John 3:16 below. The people speak Spanish but it is not their heart language; they need Nahuatl. We are praying that a group of Nahua’s will gather to hear their language and many will trust in Christ.

Thank you “Faith Comes by Hearing ministries for letting us partner with you in sharing the gospel in Manzanillo, Mexico.


Tej, Dios sanoyej oquintlajsojtlac on tlalticpactlacamej hasta oquitemacac isenteConetzin para nochi on aquin quineltocas xpolihuis, yej quipias yencuic nemilistli para nochipa. John 3:16 in Nahuatl

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