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All Things New!

August 19, 2010

2 Cor. 5:17Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away;

OK, so it’s a stretch to say ALL things will be new – although I wish I could say that about heartshapermy joints – but we are making some changes in our Children’s Department. Beginning in September, we will begin using new Sunday School material called HeartShaper. It is designed to shape young hearts to worship and become more like God.

In today’s world of video games and sports and myriad other distractions, it is becoming increasingly harder to focus our hearts on the God who created us and who makes us new. HeartShaper introduces children to God, His Son, His Word, and His Church through active participation in Bible stories and Bible study, multi-sensory learning, Bible skill-building activities, and focused life application. Through this new material, our teachers – long the BEST part of our Children’s program – will continue leading our kids to become a generation that knows and loves God with all their hearts.

Something new for fifth and sixth graders is their very own Pre-teen department! Children at this age have always had their own unique challenges. As they begin to discover themselves, many begin to see less and less relavence in their lives for the things of God. It is important for the Church to be sure these kids know their worth in God’s eyes and His value in their lives.
wksWednesdays this Fall will bring another change. Worship KidStyle is a high-energy, fun-packed program by LifeWay that was designed to show kids how God’s Word is relevant in their lives in the 21st century. Kid’s from Kindergarten to 6th grade are invited to join us even if they attend church elsewhere on Sunday mornings.
Although some changes are still in the works, as you can see, we have great new things happening in our Children’s area this year, and more are on the way. How can you be part of the excitement – even if you’re an old grandma like me? (Isn’t it funny how our definition of ‘old’ changes over time!) Here’s a few ideas:
1. Join me in praying. Without prayer, without God’s leadership, our work is futile.
2. Invite your friends and family to join us. Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, children’s friends, neighbors…invite them all!
3. See if God might be calling you to teach in our Children’s Department. Although we have some of the best teachers anywhere, we still need new people who can learn from the wisdom our leaders have gained through their years of teaching our young people.
4. Sign up to be a Greeter on Sunday mornings and meet new families coming into our church. We need at least two people each week who can greet families at the top of the stairs, assist them in filling out visitor cards, and guide them to their rooms. Call me at the office to sign up – 918-836-8686.

And finally…

5. W

atch to see what God makes new this year at Eastwood!

Then be sure to give Him the glory!

Grace and Peace

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