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Week of Prayer – Day 4

December 1, 2010

Kabyle Berbers of Northern Africa

They broke in at night to finish the job they’d begun weeks earlier. A group of Muslim radicals doused everything inside the Kabylie church with gasoline and then set it ablaze.

Five years earlier, Karim* had started the church in his home with just three people. Now there were over 400 members. They had enjoyed the new building for only two months.

Such attacks are a frightening reality for many Kabylie Christians. The Kabyles are one of North Africa’s indigenous people groups; more than 10 million Kabyles call the region home. Most practice a mixture of Islam and traditional pagan beliefs.

Southern Baptist missionaries Sam and Rachel Houston* have spent more than 20 years working among the Kabyles. Today, research shows there may be 21,000 Kabylie Christians and 120 congregations. Sam credits the growth to the Holy Spirit — and decades of faithful prayer.

Despite the loss of his church building and threats against his life, Karim says he’s not afraid. He quotes Scripture about believers expecting persecution on Christ’s behalf and says no harm can come to him unless God allows it.

“We have decided to love them [the radicals] and preach the Gospel to them,” he says.

Pray the Holy Spirit will continue turning Kabyles to Christ, and they will endure and grow amid persecution.

*Names changed

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