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Week of Prayer – Day 5

December 2, 2010

The people of China

Ray Aker* had spent two years sharing Jesus in a rural area of China, but no one responded.

Then he met Solomon* who lived in an isolated mountain village. Ray told the gospel story, and Solomon immediately believed. But what he said then amazed Ray.

“Twenty years ago, I understood in my heart that there was one God above all,” Solomon said. “But I didn’t know anything about Him. So, I prayed every day that He would send somebody to tell me Who He was. God answered my prayer today when He sent you to me.”

Immediately Solomon began telling others, and several believed. The local witchdoctor took notice.

He said Solomon would die in three days if he didn’t stop. Solomon refused, and on day four, the villagers wanted to know why he was still alive.

Solomon told the whole village about Jesus, and 80 people believed.

“These people live in daily fear of evil spirits,” Ray explains. “The fact that Solomon didn’t die rocked their worldview.”

In the past four years, God has used Solomon’s influence to bring 400 people to faith and start three churches.

“God had been preparing Solomon for 20 years,” Ray says. “I’m just thankful God allowed me to be a small part of it.”

Pray God continues to reveal Himself to Solomon’s people.

*Names changed

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