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Week of Prayer – Day 6

December 4, 2010

The Zaza of Turkey

When a devastating earthquake shook northwest Turkey in 1999, more than the ground moved around Dr. Hamit Kaya*, an ethnic Zaza from Turkey’s Tunceli province. As he bandaged the wounds of Turks all around him, God moved Kaya to consider the spiritual devastation of his own people.

Today Kaya is the first indigenous church planter to the Zaza of eastern Turkey. He uses his medical training to minister to villagers’ physical needs, while using his understanding of the culture to communicate God’s love in a language the Zaza can understand—the language of relationships.

Kaya has a long-term vision for reaching the Zaza. Vital to his ministry are the days he spends making personal visits and drinking tea with villagers before he pulls out his medical bag. Then with help from Southern Baptists, he buys and distributes medicine. He is loved and welcomed by everyone, from the mayor to the poorest shepherd. This is the key to sharing the gospel, Kaya believes.

With a handful of believers and one outreach group, Kaya is seeing God work.

Pray for Hamit Kaya as he shares the gospel among the Zaza.

*Name changed

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