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Revelation #2

January 13, 2011

Revelation BLOG post #2

Thank you for your presence at the second study on the Book of Revelation. I had a great time with you in the word and I hope you did too.

The following are the notes that I gave to the participants. We ran out (which is a good thing!). I will have extra copies next week.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Chapter 1-Introduction

John is the author of Revelation; he also wrote the Book of John, and 1,2,3 John. Notice the following emphases:



Gospel of John Epistles Revelation

Believe 20:31                          Be sure 1Jn 5:13          Be ready 22:20

Life received                           Life revealed                Life rewarded

Salvation                                 Sanctification               Sovereignty

Prophet                                    Priest                               King

A Revelation Outline:

1-3       Christ is exhalted Priest/King ministering to churches

4-5       Christ in heaven as glorified Lamb of God

6-18     Christ is Judge of all the earth

19  Christ is conquering King of Kings

20-22   Christ ushers His Bride into the heavenly city

Expanded Outline: 1:19


John’s Vision of the Exhalted Christ

THE THINGS WHICH ARE                                  Chaps. 2-3

The message to the seven churches


A. The Throne in heaven                        4-5

B. The Tribulation on earth                    6-19

1. first half      6-9

2. middle         10-14

3. last half       15-19

C. The Kingdom of Christ                     20

D. The New Heavens and New Earth               21-22

Some 7’s of Revelation:

1. 7 churches               1:4

2. 7 stars                      1:16

3. 7 lampstands           1:12, 20

4. 7 Beatitudes:           1:3, 14:13, 16:15, 19:9, 20:6, 22:7,14

5. 7 seals                      5:1

6. 7 trumpets               8:6

7. 7 vials                      16:1

Almost ½ of the occurrences of the #7 in the NT are found in the Book of Revelation.

We had a question about verses 13-16, the description of the exalted and risen Jesus Christ who speaks to John. The vision is so awesome that John falls down as if dead. I commented that this reaction is similar in nature to Daniel the prophet (Daniel 10). Here are some suggested meanings of the imagery from these verses:

garment:                                                        as a King/Priest/Judge, One with authority

hair white as wool:                                   eternal, the Ancient of Days (see Dan. 7), glory

eyes as a flame of fire:                              all seeing, penetrating (see 19:12)

feet like fine brass:                                     brazen altar in OT, Judgment

voice like many waters:                         Psalm 29:3, 65:7, 93:3-4. The magesty of His voice.

out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword:       Heb. 4:12, The Word of God. The power of His voice.

His countenance like the sun:              The Transfiguration, the brightness of His glory

Read Revelation 2 for next Wednesday Night!


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