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Prayer: Nong Zhuang people of China – January Prayer Focus

January 9, 2012

NEW: Beginning in January 2012, the Day of Prayer and Fasting for East Asian Peoples will be on the second Monday on each month rather than on the second Tuesday. Also, the prayer profile is now available in simplified Chinese characters, along with traditional Chinese characters, Korean and English.

Join us Monday, January 9th, for a day of prayer and fasting for the Nong Zhuang people of China.

Nong Zhuang people of China

The Nong Zhuang people, 601,000 strong, comprise an unengaged subgroup of the 17 million Zhuang people. Living on the border of two provinces, as well as on the borders of China and Vietnam, they are influenced by several languages and dialects. That makes the job of reaching them more complex.

Less than one-quarter of 1 percent of the Nong Zhuang people claim to be Christian. Most of them are animistic, worshipping their ancestors and offering incense to idols that represent different spirits and “gods” related to current needs or festivals. Fear is the greatest tool Satan uses to keep these people in bondage, yet they will never be free of fear without Christ, and few have ever heard His name.

If the Nong Zhuang people are to be reached, earnest prayer is needed for God to send workers who will plant and water until He brings the harvest. Long-term commitment by church planters who will plant Nong Zhuang churches utilizing the heart language of the people is greatly needed. With no written script for their language, and no audio Bible in their language, it will take a movement of God to reach these people.

Prayer starters

• Pray God will raise up workers who have hearts to boldly share the Gospel and, to do so, are willing to learn the Nong Zhuang language.

• Pray that vibrant, healthy, Christ-honoring churches will form among the Nong Zhuang.

• Pray that a movement of Nong Zhuang believers will bring them into fellowship with their loving Creator and Savior.

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  1. eastwoodtulsa permalink*
    January 9, 2012 6:38 pm

    The first Protestant missionary to the Zhuang was R. H. Graves, a Southern Baptist, who arrived in Guangxi in 1862. In 1895 the Christian & Missionary Alliance commenced work in Guangxi. They established 65 churches over a 50- year period. Most of these churches were attended by Han Chinese, but small numbers of Zhuang also attended. The Zhuang have great linguistic diversity. Little has changed since this 1922 report describing Guangxi: “There are 58 cities, 700 market towns, and over 17,000 villages, all teeming with human lives for whom no effort whatever is being put forth.” The Joshua Project

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